March 21, 2018

Download e-book for kindle: Advanced Mathematics Personal Study Notes- Part II by Mohamed F. El-Hewie

By Mohamed F. El-Hewie

ISBN-10: 1461084636

ISBN-13: 9781461084631

this is often half II of my own learn notes in complicated arithmetic. It includes theoretical research, solved examples, and workouts at the following topics:

9. services of complicated Variable

Introduction to advanced numbers
The genuine and imaginary components of a fancy number
Modulus and Argument of a posh number
Complex quantity as vectors
Cartesian and Polar illustration of advanced numbers
Pure actual and Imaginary numbers
Representation of complicated numbers on a Riemann Sphere
Algebraic operations on complicated numbers.
Conformal Mapping
Inverse Transformation
Series of complicated numbers
Cauchy's Theorem
Cauchy’s Theorem of Residue
Cauchy's quintessential formula
10. thought of Probability

Mathematical definition of probability
Exclusive events
Independent events
Rules governing chance of self sustaining events
Dependent events
Binomial legislations of probability
Random variables
Discrete distribution
Continuous distribution
Joint distribution of numerous variables
Parameters of a frequency distribution
Sheppard’s correction
Binomial frequency distribution
Stirling’s formulation for the approximation of factorials of huge numbers
Chekychef’s Theorem
Normal frequency distribution or Gaussian distribution
Poission’s distribution
Law of enormous numbers
Scatter diagram
Standard mistakes of the suggest SEM

11. Laplace Transforms

The Laplace transformation.
The Laplace transformation of the sum of 2 functions
Sectionally or piecewise non-stop functions
Functions of exponential order
Inverse Laplace transforms
Transforms of derivatives
Transforms of integrals
The first shift theorem of multiplying the article functionality via eat
Laplace’s resolution of linear differential equations with consistent coefficients
The moment translation or moving property
The unit impulse function
The unit doublet
Differentiation of transform
The Heaviside's enlargement formulae
Using Laplace Transformation in fixing Linear Partial Differential Equations

12. usual and Partial Differential Equations

Total Differential Equations
Ordinary differential equations
Linear simultaneous equations with consistent coefficients
Simultaneous overall Differential Equations
First Order differential equations
Separable Equations
Homogeneous Equations
Differential equations of the second one order
Linear differential equations of the second one order
Partial Differential Equations of the 1st Order
Non linear partial differential equations of the 1st order
Damped mechanical oscillations
Electrical oscillations- RCL circuit

13. purposes in Engineering and Physics
14. Solved difficulties and routines

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